Friday, July 29, 2011

[[LEGACY: highlight of my year/life changing]]
Now that Legacy is done, this is just the beginning, the start of something new and something good. I am currently in Australia for family vacation and wish that I stayed for the last week of Legacy and the sponsorship banquet. I heard of good things about the banquet and that it was a success! This was a awesome experience and I would've loved to rewind the tape all the way to day 1 of the retreat and do it again. I am beyond blessed to have such amazing leaders and pastors that value and care so much about the interns and I. Now that it's over, I am still helping out with New Hope Manoa with Pastor Sam Kapu until I leave for NHCC. God is working and has been faithful all the way :))

A BIG FAT THANK YOU TO LEGACY [interns/leaders/pastors/sponsors]!!!

My family and I recently went to the Sydney Tower, Australia's tallest tower (around 880 ft) and It was a fun experience! The view was so beautiful and I automatically thought of how big God is. This is only one part of Australia and I said to myself, "WOW, imagine how big the world is". God created the earth and everything in's HUGE!!! God is bigger than life! God deserves more than we think and can ever imagine! One day left of this trip and im back in the 808! ...Thank you Lord for this trip and for providing for my family :))

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