Sunday, July 3, 2011

Serving....With A Brush In One Hand And A Mop In The Other

On Friday July 1,2011, Tia and I got to help out with the Levites Ministry at New Hope Oahu Farrington.

I thought we were going to help set up tents and tables....

However, we cleaned bathrooms instead.


But in all seriousness, we met Unko Conrad and he instructed us what to do and gave us cleaning supplies. So, with a mop in one hand and a toilet brush in the other, Tia and I got to work cleaning bathrooms.

Scrub. Brush. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

I felt like Cinderella cleaning the floors.

But I had so much fun cleaning the bathrooms. Tia was there to help me out and make sure everything got cleaned thoroughly and properly. We sang Disney songs (Little Mermaid and Aladdin), Prince of Egypt (When you Believe and Ashira Ladonai), and even worship songs (Everlasting God, I give You My Heart, We Exalt Thee).

In the moments when I wanted to give up or when these thoughts in my head said, "Why the heck are you cleaning bathrooms??? So low! So low! You should be doing something better than this for your skill level!" I kept repeating to myself,


That day, I was blessed to learn some valuable lessons:

1) It's not about you.
2) God deserves all the glory
3) Serve by humbling yourself and starting at the bottom.

I got to experience the "New Hope Intern" cleaning that most of the New Hope Pastors today talk about. Man, it's waayyyyyy harder than it looks. But I was able to see the importance of humility and serving.

I'm ready for the next thing the LORD has for, no matter if it's cleaning more bathrooms or doing something else.

...Oh and about the paper towel dispenser, Tia and I "conquered" that beast. Took some time and effort, but we conquered it! Mwhahahahahaha! :D

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