Monday, July 25, 2011

A new beginning

The time I was in Hawaii change my life forever and I am very grateful for this.
Thank you Jesus, thank you Pastor Creighton for let me part of this amazing internship. thank you Jules for taught me time management, thank you Pastor Rod for spend time loving us. Thank you Leslie for all the good food, Thank you Will for be a good leader, Thank you Neyda for speak with a smiling face. Thank you Christie for sing with a pure heart. Thank you Devin for let me know you. Thank you Josh for your support and the funny moments. Thank you Billy for be our Pastor. Thank you Elaine for be a good friend. Thank you Stephan for be humble. Thank you Zack for be a wise example for me. Thank you KK for be a beautiful innocent girl. Thank you Tia for be worry about me. Thank you Joaquim, my lover to be open to learn. 

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This is my written report for Pastor Wayne Cordeiro
Legacy Internship Program was an amazing journey. I will carry a lot God’s knowledge and a little bit of New Hope’s heart inside of me forever. I was impacted and challenged during the program. Also, I had gleaned many God’s concepts from the DNA of New Hope church.
I was deeply impacted when Pastor Elwin Ahu shared his testimony. It reflects a lot of New Hope’s DNA - he was a judge during weekdays and a Levite, who was in charge of cleaning rest rooms on the weekends – that is servanthood. God was cleaning his heart during this period. Also, he said, “if you forget about music, the Hula, programs, multimedia, and all the ministries, the only thing that will stay is the heart.” I realized that a person’s heart is the most important thing to New Hope and to God. Also, the Legacy Sponsorship Banquet had the theme “Refocus” before this Fireside Chat and as he was sharing I had the inspiration to develop the Banquet theme to “Refocus in the Heart.”
I had gleaned during these eight weeks two important principles: discipline and the importance of being a servant leader. First, I really liked the phrase “honor people’s time” since I was not worried about being on time and I was not good about time management. So, if I want to have the people’s respect I must honor their time. Plus, I need to discipline myself in little things and then I can easily nail big things. The Legacy schedule had taught me about time management and let me practice. As a result, I will become an effective godly leader who accomplishes goal. Second, during the Legacy when the pastor washed interns’ feet God taught through their example the concept of a servant leader. When I saw that Pastor Rod was washing Joaquim’s feet on the retreat I fully understood this. Later, Joaquim washed my feet and it was the new powerful beginning of our marriage.
Before I came to Legacy I didn’t know that my marriage was not going well. I was trying so hard to be a good wife that I forgot about myself and because of this I got deeply hurt. I realized that God had brought me here to heal my marriage and to teach me about my main ministry, which is to be a godly wife to Joaquim. How can I be a godly leader in the church if my house and my marriage is falling apart? So, my marriage is much better nowadays since my husband and I have learned to go to the cross more frequently and our communication is getting better day-by-day. One more significant change was about leadership concepts. I realized that I had done ministry the wrong way so far. I grew up doing church with my parents but I relied on my gifts and my own strength. During Legacy I learned to develop my character through God’s grace. Plus, I have to rely on the Almighty One to build up people instead doing a church myself and by the power of people.
Three things in the program had challenged me the most. First, because of my language barrier, I had to be very attentive in every single moment during the internship to understand what had been taught and what was happening around me. I didn’t want to miss anything. I could see my progress during the classes and assignments since I had learned a lot here. Second, time management is one of my low planks and it has challenged me. Throughout the internship I worked to improve it because I have learned how important it is that I mange my time to accomplish the tasks first. Later, I can spend more time doing fun things. Third, I was the leader of First Impression Fractal to the Banquet and it had challenged me in how I manage people as servant leader and it was really hard. I know that be a servant leader is God’s way to be a godly leader.
I am so blessed to be part of Legacy 2011. Through these eight weeks God has healed my marriage, changelled me, and taught me a lot of His wisdom. I will carry with me the amazing experience of being a part of the heart of the New Hope Church. I have seen and felt its DNA - which is God’s DNA. In conclusion, I loved it.

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