Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finish STRONG!

My body has been really sore from our corporate workout this past Saturday with Tate.

We did about 150 pushups, 150 situps, and 150 lunges.

That's a lot.

When we were working out, I wanted to really give up. I was becoming afraid, because everyone was beating and finishing before me.

I was falling behind.

Everyone was already on their second set for their workouts, while I was still struggling with my first set. I wanted to desperately give up and stop. I could have thrown up and towel and say, "Enough! I don't want to finish!"

At several points, I paused. It was like an internal battle inside my head. I was fighting and deciding if I should finish up or give up on the spot.

Then I kept repeating and saying to myself,

"Finish strong. Finish strong. Finish STRONG!

Suffer the pain of REGRET or suffer the pain of discipline!

Don't be normal! Don't be mediocre!

Don't give up! Finish strong! Finish Strong! FINISH STRONGGGGG!!!!!"

And I finally finished it.

Though I was the last one, I was able to do MORE than 150 pushups, 150 situps, and 150 lunges (I did more than what was required for the set).

I say this not to brag or boast (the pain and stiffness I felt days after really humbles me, ahahahahaha), but to say that I was able to not give up and continue to push. And....

Finish STRONG.

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