Monday, July 11, 2011


Last winter break I was asked to help lead the song Amazing Grace (My chains are Gone) during worship, and this past Sunday I was asked to do it again. Usually I have to continually tell myself that I should not be nervous or anxious because if I am worried that means I am more concerned about pleasing the audience then the Father, because there is nothing to be nervous about serving God. But regardless of how many times I tell myself this the butterflies still come and the thoughts of technicalities like pitch and timing still consume my head.

But this sunday was different...

My Mentor, Pastor Rick met with me the Friday before this Sunday and on this day I really got to share my heart with Him about my worries of trying to be the ideal Christian. PERFECT was what I was trying to be... and when I wasn't I tore myself apart with criticism. Pastor Rick is amazing and such a blessing, just me being able to talk with him really let me realize where my Focus needs to be...JESUS..."duhhh right!", but its hard even when I am serving in ministry, my focus gets distracted and my heart behind it might not always be for Jesus.

Revelation: Think JESUS!

So on Sunday before I started singing, I listened for my counts but told myself to "WORSHIP HIM" forget who is in the crowd and sing for the one who created you, sing for the one who died for you, sing to JESUS!

So I sang... and regardless of what I sounded like... :) I experienced a heart felt worship one on one with Jesus Christ... ONE on ONE, me and Him... JESUS CHRIST!

All smiles!

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