Monday, August 1, 2011


I think it is prophetic I still have to plan it out in my head and correct it a couple of times before I get the spelling of Tennessee correct. How can I live somewhere when I can not spell the state? Thank God for spell check, or I would be in deep spelling error often. Sometimes I spell it so poorly the suggested words do not even match my spelling, now that is badddd! The Holy Spirit is my checker these days, when I want to cry about moving away from my friends, family and church and the islands I have called home for 7 years now the Holy Spirit lets me cry and reminds me that He will be there with me. When I get a stink attitude about my husband and I want to store resentment and angry towards him for allowing this to happen he reminds me that He has something bigger for us if we can learn to work as partners in ministry. When I want to give up and say I have done all I can do with my adopted daughter and send her to a residential home for children who do the things that she does, the Holy Spirit says, "I am not done with her yet". I love you Holy Spirit and my life would be like a paper written by me with out spell check a big fat "F", yet thanks and glory be to God I have His SPirit to check my minute by minute. Thanks Holy Spirit for coming with me and going before me and living within me.

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