Friday, July 22, 2011

Lessons that I learned #2

The Fireside Chats were amazing to me because I had the opportunity to know a little bit deeper about the New Hope DNA and also to meet God's pioneers of the New Hope church. First, the New Hope Core Value # Seven caught my attention since I read for the first time. Also, I could clearly feel and see genuine love and caring relationships during the testimonies. Second, New Hope is a volunteer-driven church for sure since the way that the Levites set up the churches around Honolulu is something beyond my understanding of being a servant of God. Third, the sense of community inside of New Hope is something very powerful since it provides a safe place to everybody.

Tonight was the last Fireside Chat for 2011 Legacy. Thank you so much Uncle Kyle to wrap up with a great lesson "keep a broken heart but not a broken mentality".

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