Friday, July 15, 2011

Pastor Justin Smith's Interns.

I have seen God move through out Legacy and it saddens me its almost done. But I have seen God reveal Himself to me, through my fellow interns (Christie S. & Devin H.) and my covering Pastor (P.Justin Smith). We were put together for a purpose. Even coming near the finish line, I have no clue why the Lord of creation put us together. But I have gleaned so much from these three people. We have failed as a team, but learned to take care of each other. I learned that with our little group it was safe to show our weaknesses. Christie Sinclair; you have grown so much in two months. I know you will go home, but really miss Hawaii! I know you will do fine because the God you serve is in control. Also a scripture that I got for you: 2 Tim. 1:7. Devin Horn; my bradda! you have grown tremendously! I have seen you let God discipline you, even when it hurts! (Heb.12:11). You be okay; God is revealing new"muscles" you never knew existed til now. Pastor Justin Smith; ahhh pretty cool Pastor and friend! thank you for just being with us and obeying God's command to shepherd us three. Especially Legacy, the Pastors, Pastor Wayne C. and Jules! But thank you to our Abba Father Yahweh! for just providing great leaders and willing hearts! I love you all !

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