Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recently, I was worried about our sponsership banquet. I’m in charge of decor and have been trying to get conneted with people from New Hope that would be able to help. Pastor Richard told me about this young man that helps New Hope with all there decor. I got in contact with him through e-mail amd text, but somthing in my heart told me to set up a meeting in person with him. I asked him if he was available and he say yes. I meet with him in Monday morning and he was so helpful he said he would help me with anything I needed. Not only that he gave me encouraging words, that I believe came from the Lord. He shared with me how many times he  would worry about things and  one day a sister from church told him that worry is a sin. God doesn’t want us to be worried we need to do everything with our hearts humble to Him. Wow, the Lord opened my eyes and totally revealed himself to me  through these words of this young man.

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