Sunday, July 3, 2011

20 days left...

I realized that I have 20 days left at LEGACY PROGRAM.
Let me list somethings that I will and will not miss.

1st - I will miss all the interns and it includes JOSH....hehe... LOVE YOU BRO!
2nd - I will miss Pr. ROD since he is a GODLY MAN who has sat an example to me.
3rd - I will miss Lead Center People but Im not sure that they will miss me because I always have a question.
4th - I will miss the Fire Side Chat since I love to hear someone's experience and apply to my life based on the Bible.
4th - I will miss the busy schedule and it is true....hehe... YOU ARE AMAZING JULES.
5th - I will miss all the classes and the amazing teachers. Thank you Mr. Aaron Nunez to make me think deeper. As a result, my foundation is stronger because of the God's grace.
6th - I will miss the NEW HOPE LOVELY ATMOSPHERE.

1st - I will not miss the corporate work-out because God has made the mornings to sleep...hehe...Im a lazy dude.
2nd - I will not miss the public transportation in Honolulu and the next time that someone tell me that it is good. I will ask! Which car do you have?

Half-way is done and I am so proud of us since we have done a great job. Also, I have grown up because of our team. Thank you to support and accept an angry, lazy dude who want to become a GODLY DUDE.

We are the 2011 LEGACY interns lets finished it STRONG!!!

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