Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fruit of What I Have Learned

As part of Nueva Esperanza (New Hope Spanish Ministry) I lead the small groups. We have a great small group in Waikiki filled with great hispanic people that are eager to know the Lord on a deeper level. Recently we had a new guy from Mexico that has been attending for the last month. He has consistently been attending but had not accepted the Lord as his savior. Instead of my usual approach of quickly telling him to say the “sinners prayer”, I put into practice what I have been learning. I started to love him for who he is, not pushing anything on him, but just sharing the gospel with my life. After a month of just loving on him and letting the Holy Spirit do His job, he finally accepted the Lord. It was over a simple conversation about forgiveness that he finally opened up and admitted that he needed the Lord. As I led him through the sinners prayer I thanked God for such a great opportunity. Legacy has taught me so much, now it is a season of applying all that I have learned, and this experience was a fruit of that.

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