Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Armor Bearer - Mr. and Mrs. Higashi

We had an amazing Fire Side Chat with Mr. and Mrs. Higashi. As, Mr. Higashi gave us a nice example about his God's calling to be an Armor Bearer. An Armor Bearer "was a person responsible to take care of the king, officer or other leader. His job was to refresh, protect and assist his officer" (solidrockcog.com).

Mr. Higashi joyfully explained his calling and sometimes when he should act like as, an Armor Bearer. Also, I saw happiness on his face as he explained that.

I asked myself. How can he find joy being an Armor Bearer since it was the hardest position ever? An Armor Bearer is always close to the person who is more attacked all the times during peace or war.

I could connect his example with something that I read in the book Irresistible Church "when we remember who we are, we're able to act on who we are" (38). Plus, "we can find joy and satisfaction in our true identity" (39).

In conclusion, Mr. and Mrs. Higashi are sure about their true identity in Christ and it makes them happy even in the hardest task/position since they know who they are in Christ.

Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Higashi.

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  1. I like this: we can find joy and satisfaction in our true identity
    Love you.