Sunday, July 10, 2011

right now.

Tonight I was about ready to go to bed when my roommate got home, and started telling me about her day. It's been pretty normal for us to chit-chat about being tired and maybe a little overwhelmed, since both of us are always super busy. But tonight was different. Some of the stuff she's having to deal with was pretty intense and was weighing her down. So God prompted me to pray for her. I was a little hesitant because I've never done that for her and we aren't really super close. But I obeyed. And it was really cool to see God use that to comfort her and bring her peace.
During the time I've been here, we have had three other girls living in our apartment, but now it's down to just us. One girl came for two weeks and then left. It seemed kinda random...but really, it wasn't random at all. One thing that she said a lot was "God had a reason for making us roommates, even if it's only for two weeks." And I think that was the reason: for that reminder. Tonight, I realized that God has the two of us living here for a reason, its not just random.
Another thing I thought about was a response that Aaron Nunez wrote on my paper about why I am here. I had written that I thought God had me here to grow me and prepare me for the future. But Aaron posed the question, "What if what God is doing right now is for something He wants to do right now?" If I am constantly preparing myself for the future, the present will pass me by and I will miss all that God has for me right now. If God wants to use me to minister to my roommate right now, I can't let it pass by because "I'm not prepared yet.". I want to be a blessing to her now, because I may never see her again after I leave. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that God has a plan and purpose for everything. He wants to use me right now. I am willing.

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