Monday, July 25, 2011

Journey Begins!

Since saturday (7/23/11) I have been slacking off. I have been missing everyone deeply. But God is forever our strengths! So much things ran through my mind on saturday. Like we need to come as a group and be on the same page. But my mind was clear, when I felt the presence of the Lord in the lead center. He had his hand on our legacy internship. As tenny said, we are interns for life. But God has been faithful to us. When banquet ended, I was truly sadden because Joaquim and Amanda had to leave to Eugene right away. So I hugged them and let them do God's will in Oregon. Now our journey begins and we shall keep each other updated!

Joaquim: you showed me how to let God rebuild your character.
Amanda: you showed me God is able to break barriers of anything.
Will: you showed me that you could worry a little, but over all God is in control!
Neyda: you showed me how to give grace.
Leslie: you showed me passion and to remain teachable always.
Billy: you showed me that God can keep molding you & still be in the process.
Joshua: you showed me that being from Hawaii is okay.
Christie: you showed me that God is still helping you progress with your low plank.
Stephan: you showed me that God is able to move in you, no matter how long you knew of Him.
Elaine: you showed me that you are a mighty confident woman of God.
Keli'a: you showed me God can use "grilling" to have good as an outcome.
Devin: youu showed me gifts are not enough, but your heart is just enough.
Zach: you showed me how to let & trust others to stand by you.

Pastors, friends, family, & Jules thank you oh so much. For helping and investing in us 14 interns. We have been the product of transformed lives by God and His people. I love and miss you all.

Have a blessed day!

Love, Litia Feagai Faitele.

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