Friday, July 15, 2011

Last week of LEGACY!

So I have a few days left in Legacy and this journey has been amazing! The Lord has been working in many many ways and I have been blessed. In Legacy, the one BIG thing that God has revealed to me was my blind spots and low planks! He showed me that pride, fear, and receiving criticism was my weaknesses that needed to be strengthened and throughout this program, he had tested my faith. The best part was that God gave me these phenomenal leaders to glean off of and to really grasp all the experiences and wisdom that they have poured on to me. Seizing all these opportunities in this program has really made an impact in my life and this has helped me so much to develope my character and shaping me into the women God intended me to be! I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO MISS LEGACY/INTERNS/LEADERS [PASTORS]!

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