Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i love you guys. :)

Yesterday, the interns chose to spend our Sabbath together. First, we met up at Starbucks to do devos together. Then we went to the Dole Plantation, then the HE>i store, then Waimea Beach, then Giovanni's Shrimp Truck, and on to Fireside Chat. It was such a great day!
I am amazed that God handpicked each of us to be here. He had a reason for bringing this specific group together at this time. And I am so blessed that He gave us the capacity to love each other. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we all deeply love each other, and that does not always happen in life and ministry. We don't always get along with the people we work with. In those cases, we need to love them anyway and learn to work with them, and God definitely could have given us that challenge. But instead, He gave us a group that enjoys each other's company. It is such a blessing to have these amazing, lifelong friends that I have been able to share life with during the past two months.

From me to you (in alphabetical order haha):

Amanda: I have always wanted to get to know you, and I am so glad that we had this opportunity to become friends! I am super happy that we have gotten close and have had so many great times together. :)
Billy: I'm amazed at all that you do, and how well you do it. You are definitely gifted, and God is using you in amazing ways. It is so cool to see you continually ministering to the people around you. :)
Devin: It has been really cool being in the same group as you and seeing you grow. God has done some amazing things in you! And He will continue to do amazing things in and through you! :)
Elaine: I loved all the time we were able to spend together! I am so grateful for all of the laughter and the great life and God conversations we had. :)
Joaquim: It is so awesome to see how God has been working in your life the past two months! Your heart for serving God and His people is amazing. :)
Josh: I love your love for the Bible and for God. It's so cool to see how excited you get when God teaches you new things. :)
Keli'a: Girl, it is SO incredible to seeing you grow in Christ. Wow! God has done amazing things through you, and I loved getting to know you and am SO happy you are coming to NHCC!!!!!! :)
Leslie: I love how you most definitely have the gift of hospitality. :) You are such a blessing, always cooking for us and planning get-togethers. :)
Neyda: I loved how it seemed like we were always partnered in our ministry skills classes, and we got to talk and work together. You are such a joy! :D And girl, you can saanng!!! Keep using that amazing voice God gave you for His glory!! :)
Stephan: It has been super cool to see God working in you. Seeing you lead worship and preach, and all of the artistic stuff for Fuse and the banquet; it's so awesome to watch you stepping out and using your gifts for God. :)
Tia: You are such an amazing encourager. It is such a blessing. And you always bring so much to a group. :) I loved all the time we spent together! :)
Will: You are real and consistent. My first impression of you is exactly what I've seen everyday since then, and that is such a great quality; to not be inconsistent or fake. :)
Zach: You are such a blessing! I love your smile and the joy of the Lord that you have in you. :)

I love ALL of you! I am so glad to go back to school with those of you who are going to NHCC, and I will miss those of you who are not. I am so glad that God brought you all into my life. You are all amazing men and women of God! God is going to use each and every one of us in amazing ways! And I am so excited. :)


  1. I'm so happy because we became friends and our friendship will help Amanda and I to live at Eugene

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