Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Hope Honolulu Levites

Friday (7/1/11) Zach and I did Levites for New Hope Honolulu. Zach had his work cut out for him! I was instructing him and showing him how to do things. Our task was preparing the trash bins and covers. Then we did five bathrooms of FHS. Whew, it was not easy at all. But it was an experience never to be forgotten. We sung Disney songs to Prince Of Eygpt songs to worship songs. It was awesome! Then  Zach and I took like 20mins literally trying to figure out how to put in a new roll of paper towel. Wow, long time! But it reminds me of how long I take to lean on my own strength, my own thoughts. But when I prayed to ask God that we do not know how to operate a paper towel dispencer, and we needed help. Then he lead us to the directions! Wow, Praise The Lord!!! Now that seemed small,  but the lesson was valuable. Lean on God always and follow His directions! Thank you Jesus for your ways of revealing yourself to me! Amen!

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